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 Until My Last Breath

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Broj poruka : 254
Datum upisa : 19.06.2010
Godina : 22
Lokacija : Dead Gardens

PočaljiNaslov: Until My Last Breath    Čet Dec 30, 2010 3:27 pm

Cannot cry it loud enough
I'm giving up this ghost
How can I still justify
When you deny my voice
In this nothing I am not allowed
I just follow alone
Words as weapons without a sound
Echoes dying unborn

Until my last breath
You'll never know
Until you feel the silence
When I am gone
Now it's vanishing
What we might have been
Only now you praise
Call my name that you won't see again

Who can change this memory?
Inside it needs to burn
Worship by the enemy
The guilty take their turns
Watching as it's disappearing
Shadows all that remain
Wishes slowly crossing over
In this parade of pain

[Chorus x2]

Until my last breath
Until my last breath

However cold the wind and rain,
I'll be there to ease up your pain
However cruel the mirrors of sin,
Remember-beauty is found within
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Until My Last Breath
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